Dye Videos!

Hello there, as we tore down my old house-and are building new, I have been AWOL a bit. Sorry! I'm getting back on my feet. New house is going up-and I'm looking forward to new digs! I will be rolling out more DIY dyeing tutorials. They will debut through the Summer-into Fall. From ombre locks, to sprinkle dyeing. The first few, will be free-the rest will be available in my shop. I will be sharing proprietary info! Yarn sources, fleece sources, and omigosh; dye recipes!

Feast your eyes on the stills above-from the rainbow kettle video. It's being edited-and will be on Youtube asap! If you have any dye questions-ask below, I might add the answers into my next video. Until then-check out the videos I already have (click here)