I've started flinging joint compound and tape at the walls. Dang, there are alot of different whacky seams. Never mind the building is a wee wonky, uneven as well as totally un-square. I am hoping to have it taped in two days, dried....and some low voc green primer and paint going on.
I think I'll paint it a warm shade of white. I was thinking a light yellow, or real pale pink. Maybe, I'm not sure. I'll have a good place to put up all my old barkcloth curtains...or I may make all new ones. It's hard to say. I'd love to sand and refinish the floors. They are real far gone, some rot in places. I'll have to put down some sanded plywood, and seal it. When I get more cash I'd like to install some marmoleum "click" 12x12 squares. We have it in our bathroom, and it's great. With the 12x12 squares I can do a checkerboard pattern! I love retro looking floors.