Who wears 'em?

People want to know....they ask at shows "who really wears these?" I usually answer, saying everyone seems to be wearing hats these days. I've had a Dad buy their 7 year old daughter a closeout priced cloche at the farmer's market. I also have a customer that's in her 80's. There's another in California who always came to my studio sales when I lived there. She must have 50 or more of my hats! She tracked me down on the web a few years ago, and got more "sale" hats.

So really to answer the question right, many people like hats. They see them as a way of expression. A way to be different selves in them. Somehow they get it that you are transformed when you wear a hat. Every woman can have a new pair of shoes or lipstick, but a hat is an extra fun purchase!

*Studio Update*
It's done!