Crazy Busy

I'm really trying, honest! I got off to a great start, I turned out out 12 great hats. Now I'm in a circling pattern. I'd really like to make a small sewn hat line. I started out making sewn hats, so why not go back to my roots? Problem is, they take alot of time. I don't have the luxury to stop and develop anything new at the moment. I'll have to get through the next two shows and play up the fabric line for the summer show. I'm only doing one summer show.....I had to trim down somewhere. Traveling with the fam would be harder this year. I hope as time goes on things will be easier, but seldom they are. You just get adjusted to the difficulty of things I guess.

One of my sort-of problems is I have a real tiny sink in my kitchen 24x24 exterior dimension. I don't have a sink in the studio as of yet. We plan to do a small addition to house an area to make felt hats and for dyeing. I don't like using my kitchen sink for dyeing. I also prefer a double basin sink for any kind of dyeing. So patience, and it will all come. I'm going to have to cover the counters and do a small dye job with straw hat bodies, silks and the new hemp fabrics I am working with. The sewn hat line will probably feature some hand carved stamped motifs of some sort. Ideas, coming out my my ears. I just need a clear plan, and do it. So far it's make stuff fast without compromising quality!!