I was featured on local TV! Watch it yeah!!!

Courtesy of KIDQ 27

I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed at the craft show this weekend. Sarah Reaves from KIDQ 27 must have taken a shine to my hats. She asked if she could do a short spot on my hats, for a feature they were doing for the news. What a treat, I've been on radio before, and featured in many newspaper articles (and one magazine article).

Sarah, who looked amazing in my pink hat........uploaded the interview to You Tube so we can all enjoy it! She caught me on a "no makeup day". We'd set up at the show hours before, and I was a little discombobulated. Turns out I looked pretty good with the hat and lip gloss combination. So much for vanity! Click on the link below to see the short, it's about halfway thru the segment. Thanks Sarah and KIDQ 27!!