Anatomy of a flower

 Rose back, many stitches using many textured silk circles!

Starts with a simple dupioni silk circle.

Then you add many more circles to the same point, and work outwards. 
 Work petals onto the rose, until you are happy with the size.

Dip the rose tips into acid dye, and wrap with saran wrap. Microwave on high for 5 minutes, let it cool, and rinse. Blow dry with a hairdryer, and shape as you go!

 See how pretty?

I didn't get a final picture of this rose on a hat! I know....that's life :)
Here's some fab photos of other hats with the same rose, so you can get an idea of what it looks like!  Don't limit silk roses to just hats. You can make a corsage, a lasting bridal bouquet, and much more.

Ideas are endless!

This is a big overblown one, so magnificent!

This example is a less structured, loose arrangement. Like a wild rose.

I used only 6-8 petals for this double rosette. See how you can make them big and small, and make them looks great?

To see more photos on how to make this rose, visit my Flickr set! You can play it as a slide show, or click through. Read the notes, you'll be making roses in now time. Basic sewing skills are all you need :)