Etsy shop, Grand Opening!!

Just like that I listed eight felted/felt hats. It's June, felt hats.....what am I thinking? It's winter somewhere (Australia), right? What better way to open a shop, than with a BIG SALE! The felt hats are from a few seasons ago, oldies but goodies. Nothing listed over $60. a huge bargain. I cancelled two shows last November because I had to move. No chance to sell these little cuties in season. They've been sitting swaddled in tissue waiting for the right person to snatch them up.

My felted hats are funkier, artier than my straw hats. I use the wet felt method, somewhat like Pat Spark's (she wrote felting books if you're interested). I make flat felt, cut and sew the hats from it. I also have started some fully felted hats, which you'll see listed on Etsy as time progresses. I'll get some straw hats in the shop soon, if anyone needs a hat let them know I am open for biz! Click my shop link here: