Success and Failure....and a cloche tutorial.

Success on a new custom hat, I am going to try to load a pictobrowser set via my Flickr for you to enjoy! Failure on trying to learn how to dye wool today. I went to a local gals sheep ranch for a grup wool dyeing gathering. Who was I kidding, dragging a two year old along was a half-baked idea that never got off the ground. My daughter, the ever scrappy active little wonder pooped out early. She was getting cranky, and was a bit pushy towards a 18 month old baby that was there. I wasn't taking it, so we left. The custom hat for Michelle did rock.

If you want to try this danged cool widget that makes the nifty little filmstrip here.

It's *free* and ever so easy! Once you have the html code, just hit "edit html" on your post tab, and paste it in, it automatically embeds! How cool is that??