Mary's daughter, full circle.

Mary, the hat lady from Sandpoint's daughter. Pretty in a Ombre dyed hat of mine.

For the last three years I've done a show in Sandpoint, Idaho. Each time I do it, I hear Mary this, Mary that, Mary hats! Mary, Mary, Mary.....There apparently is this legendary hat aficionado in Sandpoint. So after hearing it three years straight you can imagine. The ol'eyeballs about rolled out of my head. Legendary hat lady Mary never came by my booth. This year some of her neighbors took my color business card to her. They said they did....I haven't hear from her yet.

So on Saturday this gal comes into my booth. She tries on hats and loves this green ombre dyed wide brim. It has hemp braid edging the brim, and two silk roses. She tells me her mom is a big hat collector (I hear about hat collectors all the time....) and she has like "200 hats". Well, her mom is drum roll.....the legendary hat lady Mary from Sandpoint!! For real, what a small world. Her daughter (Mary, too) is a spinner, I noticed her earlier spinning. So I got closer to Mary the legendary hat lady that day, by association. Her daughter Mary is totally neat, and may sometime in the future show me what hand spinning is all about. We could trade for hats......thanks Mary! Now go tell your mom ;) LOL!