The secret life of a cloche.

The cloche that Rebecca bought....and the Gatsby Picnic event it got to go to!

 The cloche in action.....

Look at how amazing the picnic was. My customer, was thrilled about her hat. They had a lovely time!

 What a grand picnic! Timeless, and fun.

People sometimes ask me, who buys my hats. Where do they wear them? Now you know. A great customer of mine bought this fab cloche from me in early August. She planned and outfit around it...not for any event. The Gatsby Picnic at the Historic Dunsmuir house in Oakland, California. The Art Deco Society puts on this event yearly. When I lived in California I would hear about it from time to time. It was a ephemeral rumor actually, people would mention it....and I would dream about it. The Gatsby Picnic is an event where people dress in clothing from the 20's. It's like a movie set, a real step into the past. People plan all year for this. I have never gone, but many of my hats have.

In the late 90's and early 2000 I used to sell my hats at the Christmas at Dunsmuir event. It was a three weekend extravaganza. So, yes I finally did find the Dunsmuir house. It is a fantastic mansion in Oakland. It has a vast property, about 30 or so acres of landscaped grounds. I sold hundreds of hats at this event. I met many amazing people through that event. All loved the mansion and the teas they put on. I was sad to stop attending, as I moved to Idaho in 1999. I was hard to fly down and be away from my husband for weeks at a time. I stopped doing the show in 2003, due to flagging sales and (what I thought was) poor management of the event. That said I have a fond place in my heart for the mansion and the memories that go along with it.