I carded two smallish batts last night! My new carder is simple and fun to operate. I have alot of learning to do getting the batts right. It's clear I need to work on the way I feed the fiber. I want my batts to be fluffier and thicker. It'll take a bunch of practice, though it's real cool to have a couple beginner batts finished!

I've been trolling Youtube to see how everyone else cards wool. Newanda6 has some killer colors she is carding below. Have fun watching!

melissambaker (Youtube again) rocks the carder below. When I saw this, I knew it was the way to not card fiber! She appears to be making a batt for art yarn, Black Sabbath one of my all time favorite bands. Rock on!

p.s. The kid is back to taking naps. Up all day yesterday...and up for two hours off and on in the early,early am! Forget it...I need the rest & productivity time. Nice theory my husband had.