Don't laugh but....

There's always alot going on at our house. We are putting in a pre-fab woodshed, no more wet wood! My husband rented a digger tractor, and dug out a spot for it. The siding was just get the idea. The race is one before it snows! Snow, what an alien concept. Speaking of stuff to do, I need to get set up for more felting. Later today I have to get a filling replaced, get another new filling & have a cleaning. That's $300. vaporized.....ugh. Nobody likes going to the dentist, do they?

Before the siding...aww a little $38,000. shack. We had vision clearly, and believed we could make something of it!

After! It looks really fab all gussied up. Unfortunately the weather is in the 50's and precludes us from painting it. I see a pale melon green with off white trim!

So that big 'ol stash of wool cried out...I dug through it. A big suprise to myself.....I organized it! It needed it so bad, it was a real mess. I thought I could work from it as-is. That wasn't going to happen! It cost me some time, and I only got one piece of felt done yesterday. I forgot about the law of shrinkage...actually I forgot it was in the wash with some sheets. It shrank 75%! Really, like amazingly small. Good thing I'd made the felt super nuno thin, so it's not like 1/4" thick. I also dyed some silk and rambouillet wool red. The silk dyed flawlessly, the wool turned carmine red! The laws of dyeing, it's such alchemy. Maybe I didn't get the dyebath hot enough, etc. Not to worry, I can over dye later. I'll use the Peace Fleece red instead. So either way I'll get my red hat made.

Organization, what a concept. It's such a good, good thing! Now I know where that teal speeckled batt is! It was out of control before. My one complaint about wool is, you never think you have enough!

A sneek peek of details on some hats I made recently. Funky details, I'm trying to acheive something different compared to a few years ago.