It's been 24 hours, and she's still missing. Come back Minnie!

 Looking 'owly" and ready to have a scampering spastic shred-athon around the house.


Blending in with the kitchen chair covers....always snuggling around & being cute.

She's gone! Our precious Minnie has disappeared. I let her out with Beebo early morning on Tuesday. It was about 3am-ish...and I did it because she was scampering a bit. I didn't want to hear her rattling about, a selfish decision. I usually let the kitties out around 5:30am. The "girls" always are back on the porch around 7am. This time, only Beebo was there. All day Wednesday there was a huge absence around the house. Minnie is always underfoot, rubbing on your leg, and saying me! Either that our she's snoozing on various pet cushions.

I'm beside myself, and so sad. "If only" I think. If only I had let them out later in the morning. If only.....we live in the hills. Though it's kind of suburbia with most lots being 50x100, it's woodsy. There's a vacant lot, about 2 acres completely wooded with trees. My husband walked up there yesterday calling her. Our cats come when you call them (yes, you can train a cat!). I worry she was hit by a car, or eaten, or worse stuck somewhere. There has been mountain lion sightings in the past here. It's Northern Idaho, there's wild turkey, quail, and bald eagles. Coyotes too, though they don't come as close in. I went through our photo albums first thing. I'm making a flier, and am going to post them around town & drop them off at people's houses.

Minnie was never far from the food bowl. She was a dumped kitty, arriving at our old barn literally skin and bones. A real walking skeleton, with teats full of milk. Somebody dumped her because she was pregnant, though she wasn't anymore when she came to us. I've always thought she had her kittens, and nursed them until she was desperate for food. That's when she came to us. She mothered Beebo (who came to us as a kitten) like nothing else. They were inseparable friends.

The worst part is she went missing on my birthday.