The last nights our daughter has been resistant to going to bed. Lights on, looking at books. Stuff like that. Calling out for me or daddy....ugh. Last night about 11:30 (yes, late!) she finally passed out. I crocheted a bit more trying to unwind. Then went to bed about midnight. Suddenly just after one, the fire radio tones out. My husband is a volunteer firefighter. So off he goes, surprisingly our daughter doesn't wake up! I'm wound up, so I crochet some more, finishing a cap. I tried to sleep, my husband returned around 2am.

Some tweeker was convinced his house was on fire. Drugs, don't do them! I flipped and turned, giving up at 4am, and went to the couch. The couch always provided solace (never mind that we have a Select Comfort bed!). I pass out....and wake up at 8am when the neighbors kids were off to school. So I'm dragging....I am hoping tonight the kid goes down. That our neighbor doesn't burn green wood and stink up the bedroom with creosote smell. At least, maybe the wind will pick up and blow it away. And no more fires! Be really careful if you burn, clean you chimney, bank your fire properly.....and have fresh 9 volt batteries in you smoke alarms!