I've got a model....I've got a model!!!

She is unbelievably rad! The photo shoot was fun, she totally delivered. It made my hats look the way they should, hip, cool & fun. She had dayglo pink glittery toenail polish, which says it all. We got busted "tresspassing" while snapping photos. Since it was raining, we went across the street to a Victorian house. The owner lives out of state, and it's in a state of major deterioration. It has a rickety old wrap porch that was keeping us dry. A nosy neighbor yelled at us, like we were a bunch of school girls. We scurried away with peals of laughter.....too funny.

I'm so excited to have such a neat new photogenic model. I'm ever so happy, since it's going to help with my Etsy photos! She's really neat, and has a fabulous personality. We were giggling about the same goofy things, and we both love Sponge Bob.

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