The yarn made me do it!


Me on the left, wearing vintage & a crazy computer chip top I was modelling from an artist at the show. Mom is on the right.

Influential early days at the Mill Valley fall Arts Festival, and the ACC San Fransisco show
. Crappy photos of photos, as I have not replaced my scanner! These photos were taken around 1988, when I was about 17. My mom and I are estranged for many reasons (it's for the best).

Mixtape by spinswim

 Lagoonish by handsandnotions

 Plied Intergalactic Cabbage by knittydirtygirl

I'm a hoarder. Fiber, color, and texture and I'm toast. I don't know how to put it into words. I read a blog recently that nailed it in a nutshell. You freak when your fiber stash gets low. You freak when you can't reach your best supplier. You buy double of what you hoard. Yes, hoard! I am talking boxes, baskets spilling over. As I type this there's a 24x24 inch box filled to the brim with wool roving. There are batts on top. There's a basket on my bed with UFO's (Unfinished Fiber Objects). That's just in the house, my studio is a whole different deal.

I joined Etsy in 2007 under the name imakestuff (I switched to hatdiva this summer & opened my hat shop). It's been amazing! I live in the country, isolated from other artists. Etsy has been an incredible tool for keeping up with what's new. It led me to Flickr. Flickr is a great social networking site in the form of photos. I love it! It's a great way to show & tell. No longer am I that eccentric fiber chick, isolated out in the country. It's always been hard for me to connect and make relationships. I'm not the best at communicating in general-too abstract. Now I'm hooked up with people with similar interests, or even more so! Anyway back to fiber obsession. It's been there my whole life. It's like one big spool of thread unwinding, and weaving everything together. From the earliest days, I would tag along with my mom to craft shows. She would do them with her pottery & I would hang out. What else was there to do than slowly ogle every flippin' thing there?

I quickly learned what I liked and didn't like. At the San Francisco ACC show I would spend more time in the pier with the wearable art fashions and jewelry. I would walk through the one with ceramics and decor. Mainly I'd be in the other building. I'd hang out with my friends Penny & Jan who are well known weavers. Her business is Distinctive Handweaving (Jan died in a tragic accident several years back, he taught me crochet when I was 14 or so). The ACC show is a serious wholesale/retail craft show, a handful of artists were friendly and took the time to tell me about their work & process. I now get it what Sandra Rubel said when she told me she put vinegar in her dyes! I used to spend hours looking at her dyed textiles. They were so amazing!

 A dress from Sandra Rubel, she had a real signature look in the 80's 

 Gorgeous silks, with the most amazing splatter watercolor effect dyes.

That said all this navel gazing of who I am and where I am leading to something. It all comes back to the fiber, the fabric, the shiny stuff you sew on. So really, when i say the yarn made me do it, it's true. The tidal wave of handspun yarn has hit. I'm a huge fan, I can't get's not enough to just buy it. I need to make it! Guys, I bought a Lendrum spinning wheel, and it's miraculously sitting in my living room. It literally came overnight, buying locally makes a difference! So I guess what they say is true. A drum carder is a 'gateway drug' :)

So thank you my Etsy fiber idols: knittydirtygirl,rawfish,eatlllagar,handsandnotions, and spinswim. I will always wonder why I love stuff & how it motivates me. You guys make the coolest best yarns! They have changed my life in a subtle yet major way. Thank you.