Fiber+Paas+Microwave= Interesting outcome.

Mohair locks, mulberry silk, and mohair top.

The outcome.....luminescent blue locks (my fave) glisteny funky sea foam green mulberry silk, and lovely wavy marigold mohair top.

Ok, I've drunk the Koolaid... and stained my fingers with Pass Easter egg dye tablets. I snagged three packs fro 50 cents each at the grocery store. Bummer was, some were crushed, which was pretty messy. I dyed yellow, blue, and green. Blue was the best outcome, bright and vibrant. The green was soft & wispery, I had hoped it would be in-you-face-green. I'd read about this in the past, and seen a few Youtube videos on it. If you microwave it, do it for 5 minutes until you get just before boiling. I assume regular stove top would work as well. Here's a link for how-to if you want to try it. Dye with Paas Easter tablets. Have fun, and wear gloves!