A little pink should come into everyone's life! Gray hairs are horrifying, pink ones are not.

Here's the custom fedora I'm working on. Cute and sassy, I had to snap a pic of the bare hat before I tacked on the suggested decoration.

I'm getting disorganized again. Instead of working on headbands I set up another Etsy shop! I decided I need to become a fiber pusher to support my fiber habits. The carder, and spinning wheel were big ticket items. I've decided to move some of my stash. Scary, part with my stash? I have to get it through my greedy fiber center of my brain, that there will be more wool! So to defray my habit....I've decided to start making art batts to sell. It makes me a little nuts to have two shops. I worried that I might concentrate too much on one, and the other would suffer.

I'll just deal, and see how it goes. I crabbed awhile back that I was sick of making hats. I've been at it since 1991. I've learned to be careful for what you wish! I'll probably make hats forever. I'm not sure where the fiber shop will lead me. Having all the answers would make life dull. We'll see where it goes! More on the fiber shop later.

Meanwhile I'm ramping up for a show this weekend. I have a custom order cooking, an all black fedora. The lady is going to wear it for her wedding, it's all very exciting. I had my hair done again, must keep gray hairs at bay!