Happy Boxing day!

Bath bombs and other great stuff from my MIL. She sent me a bog box filled with Lush products! The butterball vanilla bomb hydrated my skin and was really good smelling. I can't wait to try the witchy bath bomb (the funky pink one). They fizz and bubble like mad when they hit water. Like Godzilla in your tub.

Our winter wonderland....we are insulated in snow. This time of year is great, everything is muffled and quiet.

Christmas morning arrived with presents under the tree. Isn't the tree pretty?

Christmas was great! Despite our Jillianne being sick. Her fever broke Christmas morning, at about 4am. She got into the swing of things mid-day. It took her a few presents to figure out they were to be opened. She was obsessed with some Hello Kitty stickers! You know how it is. Get a big present for a small child, and they are more into the box it came in!

We've been inside the last week or so. Two feet of snow has made it a bit hard to navigate outside. 20 degree temperatures are hardly what I was to face.
Christmas day had the neighbors kids sledding down our street. Our street is about a 8% grade, they were zipping by! Far braver than I at their ages...but fun to watch from the window! I cooked a lovely standing rib roast, with mashed potatoes, gravy, and peas. Jillianne ate just the meat, thinking the rest was poison. We finished it off with a slice of home made pumpkin pie, with a flaky crust. Jillianne's skittered to the floor, while walking to the living room (I got her another piece). We were watching True Grit, what's Christmas without The Duke?

On the business side of things....I've been thinking. Two blogs? One for Hatdiva, and one for Atomicblue? Do my hat fans really want to read about batts and yarn? It would mean more work, but somehow it might be more cogent. What do you think?