It seems a lifetime has pased.

Hugging a new batt, I named Earth Rainbow. I had a nice time unwinding on Sunday carding, and spinning.

My friends Dorthy, and Greg with their 6 month old baby, Nicholas stopped by my show! I can't bbelieve he's already so big. It seems like he was just born! I'm a bad friend, so focused on making things than socializing! Nicky looks so much like his daddy, and Dorthy looks fabulous (isn't she pretty!).

My neighbor next to me at the show. His wife was 9 months along with their first baby. He had incredible dreads, and nice artwork.

My little booth space, on the third floor turret area. Dim lighting....and the view from our balcony-like space to the second floor. The barn we were in has been converted in to a event space. It also has a artisan gift shop, and artist studios.

I haven't posted in a few days, though it seems longer than that. I feel a little bit changed somehow. I'm done with craft shows for the year. It makes me a little sad in a way. They keep me focused and grounded in a way. I need to stay focused, and not float day to day. It's easy to do when you're a stay at home mom! Chores and daily doings can literally take over. I swear, time passes faster when you're a parent. I have clear goals and objectives for the new year. One is to get new professional slides, and to jury into at least 4-5 shows. Although I'm a homebody, shows are critical for success.

The little craft show over the weekend was a let down. I made three sales, peanuts cash-wise. Maybe an indicator of the economy? I don't really think so. That's because all other shows I did all year, I nearly sold out! That said, my first sale Saturday was to a great guy. He bought the crocheted jester hat! He really "got it" and was such a super person. He encouraged me to continue in the new direction I'm heading in, with spinning yarn and using it in my hats. It made me feel warm & fuzzy. I then sold a scarf and four felted flower pins. No headbands! I was amazed, they are so cute. I think the demographic attending the show was wrong for me. I was also in a dimly lit third floor corner. So who knows, it's not worth picking apart. I have more stuff for my Etsy shop & that's a good thing! I'm going to work on more listing more stuff in there this week!