More dyeing fun.

Mohair locks in the first photo. Lemonade, orange, and pink lemonade.

Mulberry silk, I love how the light refracts on it. Grape, pink lemonade, berry blue, and orange.

A new yarn....what a story it has. Combining felt with yarn. It took half a day to create!

Squeezing my project...below dried bits ready for use! I'll post later what I made with it, it's an awesome yarn!

View from my kitchen window. I know it's not trimmed out....we plan to bump the kitchen out eventually so we haven't bothered.

Koolaid! Easy to use:
4 packets Koolaid each
1/4 cup vinegar to each ounce fiber.
Enough water to just cover the fiber.
Simmer for about 15 minutes on your stove top (use an enamel pot) or until water is clear. That means the fiber has sucked up the dye! Fun and great smelling, orange and blue were my favorite colors.

We've had a bunch of snow, with more on the way. It's a great time to be indoor and mess about with projects such as these. I made the most challenging, beautifully crazy yarn recently. Here's a sneak peek of what went into it!