New prezzie for me!

Click on the painting you can see the brush strokes,it's absolutely incredible!

Actually it's for my family! I traded with my friend Maia Leisz. She's an amazing painter, and is one of my best friends. We met years ago at a art sale hosted from some ladies house in Martinez, California. We lost touch after knowing each other for several years. I then ran into her at a craft fair here in Idaho! Since then we've stayed in touch....seeing each other at several shows a year. What's cool is she gets color like me. She also loves Costco and thrift shopping, like me! She's building a house 4 hours north of us in Sandpoint, ID! At the moment, she lives in Montana. That's even farther.....can you believe it she doesn't have a computer, and can't email! I wish she could 'cause I'd love to see her sell her silk paintings and prints from oil originals on Etsy. We could share photos in Flickr...the whole deal. My online friends get it.

Right now, her husband Charles does all the internet stuff....maybe she'll get a laptop after she's moved into her new house? She wants to learn how to felt, and wants to teach me how to knit. I'm sending her several handspun skeins of yarn. I also am making her a felted cowl, with knittydirtygirl's Swamp Thing crocheted on the edge.