New Shop Debut!!!

I opened another shop today! It's dedicated to the love of fiber. Wanna felt like me......check out my fiber batts! You're a spinner: try my batts! Can't spin or felt, but crochet or knit: hand spun art yarns! There's a little bit o' everything in there. Twice the fun, Hatdiva & Atomicblue.....I have a new widget to the right to celebrate the Atomicblue shop. Why two shops? I felt fiber supplies and hats would confuse people. Better to stay focused on a single theme. Hats, then fiber. I have alot of creativity in me (hello!) they both compliment each other. I love the fact I can share fiber and people can do what they want with it! You can wear a hat by me...and make something cool from my fibers. It'll be really fun to see what becomes of the fibers once they leave the shop. 

I didn't set out thinking I'd sell fiber supplies, maybe the occasional destash. The carder changed the way I thought! Then a few months later I got my Lendrum spinning wheel. I turned into a spinning dervish, wanting to try all the styles out there. There's no way I can use all that yarn! Heck I gotta get my wheel paid off (shhh don't tell my husband I charged it!).

What's the deal with the name Atomicblue? My last name is Adams, I have two nuclear symbols tattooed on each arm. One atom, two atoms= Adams! Kind of a fun wordplay. It's also leftover from my days on the Farscape Forum boards. Yep, I'm one of those, a sci-fi fan ;) So go forth...check out my new shop at the very least I can't wait to see what people think!