A whole new yarn.....Magic Bus!

As you all must know by now I'm addicted to spinning. It's like crack, you can't stop! The outcome was as hoped, I was freaking out! After hinting in yesterday's post about a new yarn (see below, felting the ingredients for the yarn) ...here it is Magic Bus! One of my most challenging, difficult yarns to date. I felted many yarn pieces, and laid them in as I spun. I stopped every 2-3 feet to do this. Magic Bus is about 120 yards, so you can imagine! It took about four hours to put this one together.

I listed Magic Bus, along with two other handspun yarns for sale in my new Etsy shop. There are also 3 new art fiber batts in the shop: AtomicBlue

I know...I know my blog seems to be hijacked by yarn. Things are changing, and growing organically, such fun! I thought about starting a separate yarn based blog. It's too much right now. My blog is still about hats...and what happens along the way ;) More hat stuff to come in the future!