Pretties for your head.......COMING SOON!!! As seen here in the mess on my kitchen counter. Crafting is glamorous.

So yummy I could take a big bite, or roll it in! The Angelina fiber brings out some feral, base qualities in me!

I want to call this color "root beer" but it's named copper flash. My kitty was trying to hog the spotlight!

My bling is here, my bling is here! I bought a 41 color sampler, for about $95. so worth it...the box was nearly 3lbs. I am so STOKED! I went into super shiny-magpie color overload. It's going to make my yarn and felt even more rad! It's just really a fabulous day here at casa Hatdiva.

There's alot going on here. I need to work, but somehow have been sucked into computer-land,
again. It's ok, I'll make up for it somehow. I've made some fun new pretties for the head. They are so danged cute on! They're lightweight as well, I forgot mine was on! I spent all last evening putting a dozen together. I'll list some in the shop next week. Stay tuned.....

{{Hugs}}, Sayra

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