Fiber Swap!

The fiber meeting was fun, and the food was great! I showed off some of my new yarn I'd spun. I realized there, I'd spun about 30 skeins. I've sold 3 so far, and am hoarding the rest for the yarn sale.

Here's a bit of fun. Rachel from the fiber meeting (I think that's her name) had a mini gift for Christmas. As her "real" gift was in transit. Her boyfriend made this little model, which actually cranks!

My fiber meeting score! I brought 6 oz of carded mini batts to trade. I got this in return! Gray Lincoln, mohair yarn bump, Leicester, Angora, that's the soft blue stuff in the middle....and OMG Wensleydale x Lincoln locks!
What I did with the free mohair laceweight I scored. Worked like a charm for plying! That's Neon Butterfly lounging around at the bottom of the yarn bump.

What a neat piece, felted horse wall hanging. I love it!

This last Sunday I went to the local (well, if ya call local a 65 mile drive!) fiber group meeting. There was great food, and nice chatter. Lorena made a smashing plum tart, it was wonderful! She was so cute, during the meeting, she whispers she got her pale blue (cashmere!!) sweater at the thrift store for $5. I love stories like that, plus it was a super sweater! I got some great little trades in the bargain! Check out the great photos above.

I decided to start work on my new hat collection for spring....on about March first. Until then My blog will be hijacked by yarn! Setting a date makes me feel better, there's a clear goal. I have hat related shows at the end of April, and beginning of May. So two months should be ample time to get a new collection going. That is, if I use my time wisely! I sold a hat today! That was really nice, I love repeat customers.

I'm hard at work spinning, and dreaming of booth display concepts. I bought this great plant stand off Ebay that I plan to do up. It will be nice to display yarn on. Knittydirtygirl had me thinking out of the box with her tidbit tray piece on her blog. I love how we all inspire one another!