Fun and a new mannequin!

My latest Ebay find, this funky vintage mannequin. I was scrubbing her with Mrs. Meyer's cleanser...and gave up. It was a job for 409! her dirt "tan" came off, and she was pretty cool! Though, she certainly needs Crest whitening strips for dummies.

Here's Cheryl drafting a batt I carded for her. It was really pretty, very valentine like with the colors!

I did alot of this when I was learning to spin. Stop, pick at the bobbin...get it right...stop again....what am I doing....stop again......spin. Pretty good for just starting out!

More fiddling, see what a beautiful wheel that is? It had laminated wood, very pretty. At one point I called Schacht....and found out they're coming out with a bulky flyer in March!

So my new friend Cheryl came by today......for 6 1/2 hours! She brought her Schacht Matchless spinning wheel, and photos of her sheep. She has six assorted sheep, some are Rambouillet, others a Leicester cross. She also has a flock of goats! I also saw photos of her gardens, which were great....she leven brought me some home made jam! The plan was to show her how I spin yarn, and to pass off some info.

It was a little like the blind leading the her wheel is totally different than mind. I love my Lendrum, don't get me wrong! Spinning on hers what a whole different deal. It is so smooth to operate. Though, Idon't care for the hooks on her flyer. That's what I love about the Lendrum, no hooks to get caught in. Just the handy clip that adjusts in a snap. Cheryl learned how to draft from a batt, which was cool. She was a quick learner, which was nice. Time flew by, and it was 4pm before we knew it! I really hope she learned something. I sent her home with a spinning book, and instructions to watch spinning tutorials on Youtube. I have a confession, I'm an Etsy enabler. I signed her up. Her new Etsy persona is GoatLover!

A few moments I received a phone call with great news! I'm to be in a spin in show & sale at the end of march. It's up in Coeur D' Alene, so I'll lodge somewhere overnight, and do the sale in the morning. It's totally validating so early in the game to be accepted into a fiber show! Other fun stuff, I received a vintage mannequin I bought from Ebay day before yesterday. She's a funny looking chick, all smiles. It's a bit creepy, but neat at the same time. I cleaned her up, and she takes great photos! She might make a few appearances in my blog, and on my Etsy site.