I am the Hatdiva! A semi- snowed in one.....

That's the path to my studio...can you see it (probably not). It's between the opening in the fence!

That's my car, more has fallen since I snapped this photo! Yeesh.

1. wrap hat w/ sinamay, 2. uber rose, 3. Cute as a bug cap, 4. cruella, 5. ombre, sinamay, 6. feathered, 7. kelly fade, 8. lavendar shades, 9. From Neo Vintage collection, 10. Finding my way..., 11. Top Hat, From Neo Vintage collection, 12. Finding my way..., 13. Hats bring joy!, 14. pink & black, 15. watercolors, 16. Cloches are hot

I was desperately looking for fabulous photos for a show submission. I was suddenly reminded what I was good at: Hats! I knew that....but it was buried somewhere in my subconscious. It took a file of killer hat photos to make me snap out of it! Here's a fun mosaic made from that file.

Meanwhile we're buried under snow! Lots and lots of snow, and it's still piling on! I need to get out and shovel the path to my studio. Whoo!