New friend

I also found a source for wool neps! These will be fun to dye and use. I'd gotten some off Etsy before. I want to dye these a solid color. The ones from Etsy were multicolored.

Hat bodies, various weaves for dyeing. Rayon, paper,sisal & parisisal.

Natural fibers I'm going to experiment dyeing. Who knows, I might keep them for myself...or expand on them.

Our new addition, the fuzzy no-tailed kitten. She's just 12 weeks old and mews like a kitten. (that's because she is one!)

Getting used to the man of the castle. Her sociable nature makes her easy to get along with!

We adopted a fuzzy new friend today! She came from the local Humane Society. She's about 3 months old, and super sweet. Outgoing and sociable. Our little girl wants to hold her all the time. She was fostered with a family, you can see the difference. I think shelter kitties make the best kitties. They are so loving and give back in many ways. She isn't Minnie...boy how I would love to have Minnie back (Minnie was hit by a car last October). Our new kitty doesn't have a name yet. Her shelter name was Jenny, which doesn't really suit her. She's a gray tabby with no tail, a manx. Really, there's nothing there but a small fuzz. She looks kind of bobcat-like because of that. Also, she purrs like mad, so loud!