A new wheel...I know...I know!

I decided my Lendrum is too precious to leave the house. So I did what every fiber obsessed individual would do: buy another wheel! I bought the Bellus, a double treadle from Ford4him on Etsy. It was outrageously affordable $245. with reasonable shipping. The bobbins can hold a whopping 6 oz. which is cool. I essentially got it to haul along to spin in's and craft shows. I think the bicycle wheel was a huge selling point. I can't wait to tuck a few playing cards in there!

I was thrilled realizing it was in the budget. A few hats sales from my Hatdiva shop...and batt sales from my Atomicblue shop made it happen! Basically my wonderful Etsy customers bought my wheel for me. Thanks guys! I'm having alot of fun selling fiber on Etsy. It's different than selling hats. I can't explain.....accessories can sometimes bring out insecurities. Not everyone can pull off a hat with confidence. Yarn and fiber is on the other end of the spectrum, so it's freeing in a sense.

I'm going to spin some yarn today...it sure helps pass the grey winter days. I'm thinking I want to crochet some flashy new hats for my upcoming show. Stay tuned for more fun stuff....bye for now!