New Year, New Ideas.

Some New Year's fireworks in our little town. Who lets these off? They were beautiful in the misty air.
Winner of my Treasury Challenge: Hagerdash!

Fabric swatches, wallboard tiles. The printed fabric is from Amy Butler. It's really pretty, printed on Home Dec quality twill. I'm sewing some curtains from it. The Solid green is a fabric I picked from my sofa slipcover. I was not trying to match my fabrics! It just sort of happened that way.

The alcove that's getting a big makeover soon! It's looking a little bare without that Christmas tree!

First off, congratulations to the winner of my Treasury Challenge, Hagerdash! She picked the pretty Rosalita crocheted cloche. I had 8 Treasuries made with my things included on Etsy. Makers of the Treasury were entered into a drawing.....and Hagerdash won! That was fun.

I've started the year off with mostly clean house. My husband took down the Christmas tree, and packed all the ornaments! I was amazed, and oh-so-pleased. We have plans for the alcove the tree was in. We recently replace the window there, with a bigger one. My husband will be building a built in bookcase. We need to extend the wall in our living room 8" to accommodate a sleek new flat screen TV (thanks MIL!!). So a bookcase sounded like a great idea. After it's built (I'm hoping sometime this weekend) I'll add some fun pressed bamboo tiles to the outside wall. Then, I'll add some color to the alcove. I want a bright color, though I don't want to matchy-match the Amy Butler fabric for the curtains. I thought I'd pick something designed by Anna Maria Horner, instead I fell in love with Amy's fabric design!