Silent Short: Carding!

Our town, encased in snow. The photo doesn't really show the magnitude of the snow. You can see the drifts plowed by the snow plow. I think the street lights look pretty.
My little studio, lit from within. I shoveled as far as I could go to clear a path to it!

This is what I carded in my little carding short. I re-incorporated some freebie fiber into a batt I bought from SpinningSelkie.

Silent Short: Carding!
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I love's fun to get out of the house and play with fiber. When I mention getting out, I'm not kidding. We have more snow than last year. I thought moving to a lower elevation (from 2,600 to 1,000) would mean less snow. The snow gods are laughing at me! As I type, my neighbors Dave & John are plowing the driveway to the backyard. The whole town is abuzz with work. People shoveling, trucks plowing.....people wondering if they can get up the grade. At the post office, I ran into our friend Cory. He was wondering if his car (a clapped out old rusty Subaru) would make it back up the canyon road. I said "it's a Subaru!" I hope he made it......I'm sure he did. He took a pile of mail for various neighbors to deliver on the way home. Overall there's this great sense of community, people helping each other. It's really nice, I'm here snug in my tiny little abode, and people are clearing snow for me!

It took me fifteen minutes yesterday to clear a path to my studio. It took one minute for me to grab an address label, and card. In Winter, it takes longer to get stuff done. If I go outside, I usually take my daughter with me. It takes longer to bundle up little hands, and feet! I'll let the photos do the talking ;)