We went to Cheryl's!

We knew we were in the right place when we saw the Goat X-ing sign!

The rascally goats....were my best friend as soon as they saw I had an apple!

It was like a petting zoo, only better.

Chavez the super Ram!

Get a load of that view! That's what winter looks like in Northern Idaho.

The elusive sheep....they beat a trail as fast as they could! They really were picture shy.

Don't just love this photo! It was one of my instant faves. The chinny-chin-chin hairs are so wonderful.

Rascally, really! The goats appear to really enjoy climbing and goofing off.

The chicken coop....isn't it the best! I loved all the old signs on it. The chickens and ducks scattered to the back...you might see some if you look hard!

It was so much fun! First of her house is totally neat. It's a newly constructed...and oh so spacious. Actually I think my humble little cottage could fit in her living room/kitchen! The view, spectacular. She's a super nice gracious host, I felt instantly at home. We chatted some...I helped her with setting up a blog then we went to checkout her animal menagerie. Wow! Assorted goats, sheep, and even a super cute donkey. She also had ducks, and chickens. Her rooster was bigger than her Welsh corgi! My little one had a blast scampering after the big orange barn cat (oh my gosh his name was Elmo!). We fed the goats apples, they were so social. The sheep were not, they scattered as fast as they could. I managed a few shots and they were off.

All Cheryl's goats have names! Like Princess Leia, Gracie, Mary Ellen...and Scrunchie to name a few. Actually Scrunchie is her special needs goat. She (I'm assuming she's a she was born without a neck, and had some spine issues. She seemed to get about ok, but was literally scrunched up. It was a fun visit, despite the freezing cold. It will be fun to go back in the spring when things green up! She'll shear her sheep then, I might get some of the Rambouillet and Blue Faced Leicester!

** More photos are in my Flickr, click over to see more of this fun visit!**