Bath Bombs and Labels, Oh my!

Three new labels to help categorize my yarn lines....I love being organized!

Love those two sided business cards. Nice to think out of the box, isn't it?

Oh! My wonderful wool order came from Spinningselkie yesterday. Art batts and some Superwash roving! Extras spend on shipping, bought me that packed baggie full o' fiber at the bottom!

Gotta love an animal rescue farm! Homestead Wool and Gift Farm is awesome. They take in critters with special needs...and sell their fiber. Isn't that cool! I got the order above from them yesterday too. They have great prices, and it's a good cause! The chartreuse fiber is Corriedale, and was $13. for 12 oz!

Get a load of this Big' un! I'll cut it in half to enjoy it twice. It's a blackberry scented bomb!

Ahhhhh Bath bombs. You must try these!
They fizz....they invigorate, and they moisturize. A real boon when the weather is so dry in the winter.

Packaging is important. How important? It should be your number one concern after a sale. No more post it's! Everyone loves a handwritten note...with some fun extras. This is what Etsy has taught me. I know it works, because I go back to those who are generous. Sure, it's a promotional tool, and secretly I love giving! So what's new today? My yarn labels! I'm proud to say, I designed them myself. They're quirky, and I love how they came out! I did it through my Picture It program and Vistaprint. I designed them to fit a standard business card, Vistaprint allows for two sided designs. I saved a bundle, these days you need to be stingy about some things. I saved about $60. which can be invested elsewhere in my business. I hope people respond well to the labels, as they are fun and colorful!

My day started off right.....with Lemonslip Buttercream. Did I mention I was addicetd to Lush products? I swear, they should hire me as a rep. No really, their organic bath products are amazing. I thought the sample of Lemonslip Buttercream was a lotion bar. Actually it's a soft skooshy soap! Lovely. I am loving my new Lush stuff. Really! Their bath bombs are out of this world. Tonight...Flosty Gritter! I can't afford a spendy day at the spa. I can afford $6.95 and a half hour in our vintage clawfoot tub! Try'll be glad you did!