Blogger's block, simple pleasures.

Fiber in the pot.....ever so fun! Pinky-lavender shades here.

Out of the pot & fun how things dye differently. It's always a fun surprise to see the outcome.

Cheryl's goat had a baby! He is ever so cute and cuddly. Goats keep their babies cleaner than sheep do!

Little rambouillet sheep, aren't they cute? I was surprised they sat still for so long.
Who needs a vacation when you have a view like that? We live in the mountains....isn't it great?

I've not been feeling bloggish lately. I've been busy dyeing fiber, and living daily life. The days pass by faster than I would like. It's my intention to make the best use of each day, sometimes it's hard. Then again, who said life was easy?

What with the whole economic tar baby the country is hobbled with.....I am ever grateful. What for? My house, it's paid for. No mortgage,nada . How did we do it? We sold a ridiculously large ranch with 50 acres, and a 1,200 vintage farmhouse on it. Essentially we downsized. It wasn't easy, it took about two years to sell our old house. Although it was appraised at $270k we sold at $225k. I feel grateful it sold at all. With storm clouds on the horizon, we've made some smart choices with downsizing. We own our house, we own our car & truck(s). Where am I going with this? Ask yourself how you can live smaller. What are the essentials that make you happy? At the moment it's soup simmering on the stove, and happy child and spinning yarn....and packing orders from Etsy!

That said, thank you to all my wonderful Etsy customers! If you're reading this I am ever grateful to you. Hopefully people will still find a place for independently well made crafts.