I Love Flickr!

Helena is an amazing felter! She used the wet felt technique to craft this wonderful hat. The photos are pretty cool too ;)

I love sharing...I love Flickr! Flickr is a really cool virtual photo album/share site. You can have three free sets...then when those get full a Pro account is about $24.99 a year. You post, share pictures in 'group pools' such a felters groups and more. Share, comment and learn. It's a great tool for showing off your crafts and more. Exploring Flickr is great too. Want to see what Red Rock is? Go to Flickr. Anyway, you can share your photos, or keep them totally private. You can "friend" people along the way too...and see their recent uploads in your contacts section.

I usually check my Flickr daily...it can get kind of addicting ;) A set of photos in my contacts recently caught my eye. It was this wacky stovepipe top hat by Helena Pinto. Actually it's a hat made for the Carnaval, in Portugal where Helena is from. She made the hat for a friend, who is going as an elf. I think it's rather whimsically spectacular. Helena says it was rather magical to create such a hat. Her expression for it is "ouro sobre azul" an expression that we have that is "gold on blue". I'm not sure how that translates into English...but it surely comes though in the hat. It is magical and wonderful! Want to see more of Helena Pinto's wonderful fiber art? Head over to her Flickr album and browse about!

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