Lost Hat?! And a shop update ;)

The AWOL hat...geez I must have sold it sometime last summer! Or fall? Oh boy...how embarrassing, but not a bad outcome.

New on Etsy! Dragonfly handspun art yarn, and some handpainted Rambouillet rovings!

Named this Rembrandt.

This one is Double Delight.

This one is: Foxglove.

My first foray into handpainting roving dropped today....in the form of painted Rambouillet roving. I am in love with my new combed top Rambouillet. It's 21.5 micron, which is the same as merino. If you felt it, you would swear it's the softest merino you ever touched. The cool thing? It was a fraction of the price. Merino is going for $29. a pound these days, and that's undyed! Dyed it's about $40. or more! Anyway, handpainting it was really easy. The only hard part was cleaning up after. I'm looking forward to making more painted rovings with more complex colorings!

A fun hat story....I recently sold two hats off Etsy. Great you say. Well not so great when I realized I could only find
one! I spazzed out, could not figure where it went....and realized I must have sold it at a show. So I quickly gave the gal a refund. After mulling it over for a few days (I had to custom re-fit the other hat and trim the brim down). I decided to mail along a similar replacement hat from the same collection. I meant it to be free, as a gift. I was so embarrassed, I thought this a good way to make up.

My customer was so gracious and wonderful throughout. You know what? She offered to pay for the replacement hat! I have the best customers....I swear!