Miscellaneous Doing's

My pretty crocheted tank, it turned out really well. I free formed it the whole way. I am definately incapable of following patterns!

Sweetest little fuzzball, she has white socks on all four paws!

All stocked up, what a wonderful sight....you know what I mean!

Sweetie Purl stretched out on the duvet. Oops! I was folding jeans at the time....

Yummy pastel shaded handspun. I love brights, though pale shades are gorgeous as well. A precursor of more to come!

A super great Easter colored batt! Just love those colors together. I'm spinning this one...and will card more to sell in my Atomicblue Etsy shop!

We went to Coscto the other day. The fridge is full again! Though I was bummed the fish we bought went bad. I thought it was salmon, but really it was Steelhead (dyed and farm fished!). I think not. Why do they print these things in super small writing? A $5.99 loss, which is a bit of a drag. I'll talk to someone next time I am at Costco about it.

Other new stuff....we named the kitty Purl. Fitting she should be named something o do with kitting, or rather yarn specifically. I don't knit except on a knitty loom. I'm an avid crocheter, which is fine by me. I recently finished a super tank sweater. I used Snowberrylime and Eatlllagar yarns to make it. I'd been thinking of making it for a few months at least!

Purl is settling in real well. She's such a sweetie, and such a lap cat! I love that, it's what we all need at this point. Though I admit, with a active little girl, it's a challenge to keep her from being squeezed too much! I've also been carding and spinning as usual, I carded some pretty Easter colored shades yesterday. Lovely. It's in turn inspiring some saturated pastel shades for a new hat line....who cares what everyone else is doing I dance to my own drumbeat. Pastels ummmmm.