Same old, Same old....

How I feel right now....I might as well get my answers from an Eight Ball.

Ok, I am hugging wool. If you are as into fiber as I am, you'd get it! That's normal, right?

My hand painted funky photo collage for Rachel-Marie. I think this is what happens when cabin fever midwinter nutty-ness takes over. Oh!!! I noticed some Robins that's a good thing.

I kinda hit a slump, and am essentially disillusioned about the future. It's murky like the inky stuff inside an 8-Ball toy. Shake it and see what you far what I've been up to is routine. Walking to the post office as we've had some dry weather. I've been dyeing some of my new Rambouillet bump that I got recently. I tried a new technique today, space dyeing. It came out pretty cool, the roving is drying, I'll post photos later.

I read up about how to do it from this great tutorial (click here to see it). What I noticed is many people overdid it on the vinegar. Really, all you need is 1/4 cup per pound of fiber. Actually vinegar....oh boy. How it smells, imagine a boiling steamy pot of it. Acrid to say the least. So I am going to get some citric acid crystals instead. As long as I am dyeing in the house, I need to steer clear of vinegar. It's rank! spinster friend Rachel-Marie recently moved and is getting settled. Moving is such drama, I made her this photo collage to cheer her up. It's so cool, I have to show it off....the colors make me happy ;) You can make a collage here at BigHugeLabs if you want! It's fun