Keep on Truckin'

Box full of millinery supplies destined to be brightened up with dyes.

Some of last years colors are ok.....I'm thinking like the stuff yo see below!

Kapow! Sharp tasty shades, that's wool roving up top....below is sparkly crystal Firestar fibers with some silk. I'm going to felt some gauzy silky/wool flowers for the felt hats. Why not?

Our local creek is zipping right along, here's the view from the bridge.

Pretty little Snowdrops, at least I think that's what they are called. They seem to be the first little ones to bloom around here.

Princess sneakers for her, (which were immediately wet from mud puddles, oy!) and pink paisley girly sneakers for me. I had to wear my cashmere/wool stripey socks with them!

I've been bad, dear blog readers....I haven't blogged in a week! I've been busy dyeing wool, and gearing up on hat making. Spring is beginning to come slowly here in the Northwest. We took a stroll to the post office today and snapped a few pictures on the way. For the first time in months I wore my cute almost worn out girly sneakers. I wish they had been made better!

There's a symbiotic balance between my wool /yarn stuff and hat making. Color is the tie that binds. I'm continuing to grow, the two mediums to benefit form each other. The bright shades I've been playing with in my wool recently are going to translate over into my hats. It's all under'll see a sneek peek soon!

A big thank you to all that are buying my wool from my Atomicblue Etsy shop! Also thanks to the folks that have bought hats recently....from my Hatdiva shop. Though we're in confusing economic times, I am thrilled people are supporting quality hand made items such as mine.
Thank you!!