Spring Renewal: What's new?

I had vision for this humble little shed (before shot above) on our new (well 15 months new..have we lived here that long?!). And, yes that's daylight you see up in the rafters. If we can turn a funky old shed into what you see below....then we can rock out an addition. My husband swears he's not a carpenter. I think he's swell!
After! Hat & fiber central...I didn't have the cash for flooring, so I painted over the sanded plywood. Some day I hope to install some laminate.

As you can see, cramped quarters with all my wool about! I could use more than one table to work from.

So it's been a few days. What am I up too? My mind is on merchandising, packaging, and hats. I need to start making hats! I gave myself a deadline of March 1st to cut back on yarn...and to bump it into gear with hats. I have a few hat concepts ratting about (which is good) but haven't made anything (bad!). I need to pack up my wooly winter fabrics and make the shift of supplies. It seems like I just packed away my straw, and silk fabrics. Getting my goodies out is an important first step. I'm going to start today!