Work,work.....and more!

Textures, sheen....and color. See how the rayon (left) plays off the more sedate toyo-ramie to the right?

I forgot I had this hat block! I scored it on Ebay. I should try a straw hat from it.....shouldn't I?

Speaking of color combos, these look quite good together. My good friend Susan gave me this awesome feather creation. It's inspiring a whole piece. I want to dye some hat veiling in orange to go with it. That vintage Bakelite buckle will figure in somehow too.

I think I'll do more of these. I like the dark/light extreme with the color balance.

I scored this vintage hat braid off Ebay. It didn't look anything like this...until I dyed it. I was trying for jet black. Instead I got this wonderful soft black with mauvey lavender shade. I'll combo this with a soft grey perhaps. I've got some popcorn veiling to pair with it as well.

Detail of the wonderful vintage veiling. I have about enough to craft a brim.

Lots of inspiration here: A little secret...I hoard vintage buttons ;)

I'm knee deep in fiber, and hat making. This Saturday, after months of prep....I'm doing my first fiber sale. I hope all the yarn spinning, carding for batts and more pays off. If not, I'll have one heck of a shop update. I'm headed to a bigger city to do the's about 3-4 hours drive. I've got the directions down and I'll be packing my car today. It's a bit nerve wracking, since I'm so used to small town living. Don't get me wrong, I'm from the San Francisco Bay area...I'm just a bit rusty on freeway driving! Once I get up there I'll be 'in the zone' and everything will be downhill. I expect alot from myself, and am always rasing the bar. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm a bit anxious. About 17 years ago I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I've done intensive therapy, and know how to deal with it. Therapy doesn't stop anxiety, it just gives you the tools to cope. All I can say, is I'm glad I got many that have these issues don't.

Once this show is done, it's all about hats.

I've played with colors, and what I want to do. I took some snapshots of how I brainstorm when it comes to designing. I basically dye a bunch of stuff, and then throw it all together.
The photos above are a little vignette showing how I think up hats.