At the show! The Dogwood was a success!

This lady had the best outfit on. She scored this ultra cute hat...that was on clearance. What a deal! Fab & save cash, everyone likes (and remembers) a deal!

Yarn, hats, and wool collide. Some thought the hanging yarn skeins were scarves. I noted "when you add a hook or knitting needle!".
Detail of my display. What it looked from my vantage from my chair!
My newer booth look. Out with the toile, cream and pink. In with brights, and a sleeker simpler look. Hats on one side, yarn & crocheted stuff on the other.

A fun mosaic to give you the idea of what the weekend was like. There was a vintage car show & shine, a clown who made balloon sculptures, and more.

My craft fair was took alot of effort, but was fun. Not to mention, successful! Many fabulous repeat customers came back & bought. I am ever thankful to these die hard supporters of mine. It's because of you, I try to kick it up a notch every year. I notice some people making the same old thing year after year. With some that may work....I like to grow & challenge myself.

I was a bit worried that people might not 'get' the yarn I was displaying along with my hats. It's the best of both worlds. Or rather where crafty interests collide! I sold a bunch of hats, yarn...batts and a few wool rovings (what you use to make yarn or felt with). Many thought my displayed yarn were "scarves". So I've made a big old sign proclaiming it as yarn. The weather stayed dry, and people turned out. I'm grateful it wasn't a scorcher like last year (up in the 90's). People were having fun, I met up with some knitters & spinners. I was thrilled to reconnect with my past hat model Alexa. She was featured in many photos on my old site. I should have kept the .com just to have it forward you to here. Oh well! I can't do it all.

So show success, and another on it's way this weekend. I'm scrambling to get re-stocked. I made the hard decision to keep my Atomicblue fiber shop in vacation mode. It's just too difficult to do inventory when I need to be carding, spinning, and hat-a-makin'!