Kentucky Derby

Custom derby hat, it has a near seven inch brim. Understated with it's near tone on tone color theme. The customer wanted it to go with many things, after the derby.

I make my own flowers, this one is organza, and ribbed silk. I dye the straw & silk to match.....

A little teaser below, of more to come. I've got a little step by step expose showcasing some more straw blocking.

The good news, is I haven't forgotten how to make hats ;) Not to brag, but I'm really good at making them. Studying technique for so long makes it easy. Don't hate me ;)

Can you make me a custom hat for the Derby? Sure....somehow I fit this in. Between my super busy distracted, schedule. I'll be even more excited to see what the custom says. Then ecstatic when I get photos of her wearing it, at the Derby!

Yes, I do custom...thru Etsy. Etsy is your go-to mecca for handcrafted goodies. From soap to hats they have it all.