New shoes, aren't these fun? They're comfy too!

Fibers for hats! Silks, braid, and straw.

More braids, paglina is the smaller braid, the other is a cellophan-ish braid. I forget at the moment but I think it's called Starbright. It comes from Manhatco. Both dye well.

Rinsing.....gorgeous two tone dye. Love the result. Stay tuned for actual hat pictures ;)

I'm doing a big craft show this weekend! So as you can imagine, my to-do list is pretty full. From making a tablecloth, to signage it's go-go-go. I'm making a super small collection of hats this time. Think 16 pieces. Small but fabulous.....I have about 30 hats in storage from last season. They will merge nicely in my half hat/half fiber booth. Yep, I'm going to attempt to merge my yarn & fiber with my hats. It'll be interesting to see if people like the yarn, or even if I encounter any spinners (or even felters) along the way.

Here's a little sneak peek of the fibers I'm working with above. I dye everything in small batches....I feel it gives my work a different unique look. Oh! I also got a great new pair of shoes. They come from Land's End, and WHOA they are just $18.74. I think I paid $29. ouch.