Announcing: Batt Addict Club!

The illustrious how I love making these! I clearly see some inspiration below, don't you?

Orange Poppies!

Dandelion puffs!


Bearded Iris!!

I've started a batt addict club! Three months for $65. with the fourth month, free! 3+ oz batts are what you more here: Batt Addicts Unite! Ok enough about the wool. We have flowers blooming all over. Along with them a healthy dose of weeds. My most awesome husband was weed whacking them a few hours ago. He's just the best person on the earth (IMHO). So we're enjoying them...and it's HOT. I'm talking 90 degrees. I need to shovel a bunch of compost soon, and am not looking forward to it.

What can I say, I'm such a girl. I don't like to get dirty, or sweat too much. The work on the studio addition is ongoing! I'll post some pictures of the progress soon. In the meantime, we plan to have a cool drink. Catch you later!