Damage Control!!!!

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 Well it happened. My computer crashed Friday. I'm trying to stay calm. Please wish that box of wires a speedy recovery! I'm taking it into the computer guru Monday (bright & early!). What a drag. Basically, here's the deal. Don't shut off your computer when it's receiving a critical update! Talk about drama. I only have two Etsy shops to update & maintain......

More later on that. My good friend Maia came for a short visit Friday/Saturday. She taught me to knit!! I taught her to felt...she carded a bunch of mini wool batts. We had fun! Her little boy is so adorable. He's 8 months and so precious. The photo above is one of Maia's knit creations. She's been knitting for 30 years! (since she was 8). I also learned something I'd never knew about her. Her grandma used to own a yarn shop! I was like "no way!". I've got the hang of the simple German style, as well a purling. I'm pretty excited.