Here we go again!

It's scramble time. Organize...what's that? I'm cramming in last minute hats & felty stuff to re-stock my booth for another craft show this weekend. Thankfully it's a two day deal. Three days such as last weekend's show are harder. They seem to drag on and on, I prefer two days!

I had the lofty notion last night at 7pm that I could make some more straw hats. Unreal! Hats take time to craft right. I don't know what I was thinking. I have 24 new fiber batts, 7 new skeins of yarn....and sadly not any new straw hats. I so wanted to make some. It takes at least 2-3 days to make 6-8 pieces. There are so many details, and about 12 steps to make a single hat. I remember the days when I would block twenty hats in one day! It would take me a week to make 20 hats. I don't crank stuff out like that any more. It's about smaller, more concentrated collections. I have so many ideas. They will have to wait for more upcoming shows. Now, I gotta go & load the truck!

P.s. I'll be restocking my Hatdiva well as my Atomicblue shop (temporarily closed) next week!!