Kentucky Derby!

From the millinery studio the Derby!

Detail of the feathered creation I crafted for the hat. Vintage ostrich feathers look better than new. Fluffier.

Doesn't she look pretty! Look at all the hats in the background! I wish every big event was like this. Hats are so flattering and fun. Like shows, one must have many......

I've had a few hats go to the Kentucky Derby over the years. This is the first time someone sent me photos. So exciting! I was contacted via my Hatdiva Etsy shop to make a special Derby hat for this gal. We went back and forth....first it was to be match the dress. Then taupe shades....and I created what I hoped would work. It did! Happy customers are my constant goal. So here we are, from workbench to the actual derby. So cool!

I'm stoked I can share this with my blog readers. I love customer pictures!

Hey...some new stuff (meaning hats) Click my Flickr to view my Spring mini-collection.