Resurrection....and updates!

Uneven, wavy and funky. Just like the art yarns I used to make it!

My first knitting adventure! I made what else, a scarf! I found using core spun, and singles were easiest. Plied yarns will take some practice!

This shows how awesome it is here right now. Everything is green, growing and fabulous.

I'm getting better at using my new Canon Powershot. I'm using the AP setting, fine tuning the color/saturation/contrast. What fun!

My computer was fully recovered! Let's just say, never shut down your computer when it's updating!! So it's been resurrected. Totally. Not a scratch. Thank you Jeremy and Tony of Turnkey! They were great. They put up with my impatient want it-need-it-now-meltdown. I told myself I wasn't going to be flipped out like everyone else with computer issues. Computer crashes put alot in perspective! I had more time....but felt cut off from my fiber friends and the craft world.

I live in a dinky little town. Really. 186 people, that's the population. many are scattered up in the hills & canyons. I only see 4-5 people when I'm out & about. We're off the beaten path, there's no hip coffee cafe. So the Internet is where I go for culture. Kinda funny how that worked out, being from California originally (haven't lived there since 1999).

So I've been knitting! I bound off my lumpy uneven edged scarf last night. Thanks to YouTube I was able to do it! I found a great tutorial on knitting. I also, thanks to my data recovery team had a slew of photos for my Etsy shop update! Was I ever grateful for that. I'm talking 60 edited, and re-sized pictures. What a blessing! I've listed them in my shop! It's a great day outside, we're headed out to enjoy it, stroll to the post office and have a bit of R & R. later I'll bust out the weed whacker and clean up the yard.